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Live Journal Zoe Zane
My daily live diary of a female porn producer and sex teacher
Best swing club in America. Las Vegas, Nevada where I started my wild lifestyle over 20 years ago.
Dominant, corporate housewife fucks other men while wimpy husband is left at home doing her laundry. He is the househusband, the maid, the laundry boy, the cook, a panty boy, and a house slave for life.
My best friend, wild house wife home-made porn. Mom that had 5 kids in California
This mature gal loves to show off her legs in pantyhose at restaurants when the husband is not watching.
Are you looking for inexpensive heels Simple pumps to extreme fetish shoes and lingerie, etc.
Alice is the biggest, swinging, fucking slut that I know. She has been a swinger for years, and her husband never knows what she is doing. She loves black dick and is a very good liar.
Adult models and talent promotions. Did you know that a lot of models use that for an excuse to make their husbands think they are working but what they are really doing is cheating.


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